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Why Retailers Are Unhappy with How They Do Business with CPG Companies

The retail industry is doing business differently. By 2025, 80% of business transaction between CPGs and buyers will occur digitally.

Today, CPG salespeople and retail buyers spend up to 24 hours per week on repetitive admin tasks. Additionally, Gartner research shows buyers typically spent only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers pre-COVID. With too much time spent on non-growth tasks and less customer face time, the value of selling between companies via digital channels will predominate.


How should CPGs adapt?  The answer is Switchboard Sales. Switchboard believes that sales communication should be easier than it is. Salespeople can offer, negotiate, contract, and track all promoted offers and products in minutes at a fraction of the cost. The results are more time spent on expanding formerly inefficient customer channels, further amortizing existing assets, and transparency providing valuable customer insights.


Switchboard Sales is a communications app. Users can manage communication and data for promoted offers and products across retail channels on one screen. Multiple automated reports provide snapshots and trends of promoted sales activity in real-time. The data captured includes sales demand forecasts, trade allocations, marketing assets, logistics, A/R, product orders, and specialized inventory transactions.

Join the CPGs who have found success with Switchboard Sales.  We have 200+ brands transacting with buyers representing 6,200+ doors and growing every month. Users have realized 40% more time per user, 50% faster decision-making, and 80% more negotiation data to deploy capital and resources more efficiently to the highest growth market opportunities.

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